Core Workout



What is your core?  Well, a seasoned Pilates instructor will tell you it’s the area just under the chest to just above the inner thigh.  Most people think it’s only the abdominals, but to a Pilates instructor, it’s much more.  To truly initiate movements from the core, the muscles in the back, sides and inner thigh must be activated.  You may wonder why, but if you think about when you have an imbalance in your knee, you might recall your hip didn’t feel right or you ended up with a case of plantar fasciitis, as well.  Speaking from experience, when I had Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, the pain certainly didn’t discriminate to one area!

With that said, the muscles in the body work in conjunction.  Therefore, if you are working your core, you had better be squeezing those inner thighs at the same time.