Large Apparatus Classes

*Please note, there is a Pre-requisite of two Private sessions before attending Large Apparatus Classes (unless, of course, you have experience with the Pilates Tower and Reformer).  Email us to set up your Welcome Package prior to taking any of the classes in this category.

Reformer –  Work against spring resistance on the Reformer’s moveable carriage, adding a whole new level of strength training to Pilates.  Using the Reformer is an excellent way of exercising without hurting the joints while strengthening muscles.  The Reformer is a very versatile machine, and the variations are endless.

Tower –  The Tower has the same capabilities as the well-known Cadillac.  Not only will you use spring resistance, but you will add the Roll Down and Push Through Bar to your routine.  Additional Mat exercises may be incorporated into your workout, making this the Tower of Power!

Jumpboard – Add some aerobic activity to your Pilates workout with a great, low-impact alternative for a cardio workout.  Aerobic Pilates can challenge the core, elevate the heart rate and train coordination.  By adjusting the springs, you will either be activating fast twitch muscles or concentrating on pelvic stability.  Your instructor may incorporate light weights and some favorite Reformer exercises to complete your workout.

Circuit – Your instructor will use a variety of pieces of equipment in the studio during your workout.  You may start with Footwork on the Reformer, move to an Ab series on the Tower and complete your session with squats on the BOSU.

Pricing – 1 Class $35, 5 Pack $165, 10 Pack $300, 20 Pack $565, 40 Pack $1100, 60 Pack $1590, 75 Pack $1,950

Small Apparatus Classes

Bootyful TRX: This Beyonce inspired class will get that tush toned for that special occasion or for just walking around your kitchen!  Using various equipment, students utilize all upper and lower body muscles, singly, and in multiple-muscle exercises with low weight and high reps to get sculpted and toned, without ever bulking up.  Every week is going to be different in this class that’s geared to making your tush look fabulous in your bathing suit or that sleek, new dress you bought!  You’ll be burning lots of calories with the TRX, Chair, Barre, Bosu and Gliding Disc integration! (Don’t worry, your abs and arms won’t be neglected!)

TRX ABSolution: Are you ready to target those spots you’re always worrying about?  Then it’s time to get arms and abs of steel today!  In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to use all of our exciting props to enhance your muscles.  Get ready to mix it up with any of these pieces of equipment: TRX, Spine Corrector, SPRI Balls, Gliding Discs, Matwork, and Chair.

TRX/Chair – This is a take no prisoners class on some of our toughest equipment!  Get ready for suspension training on the TRX.   Try stabilizing your plank with your feet suspended!  Not an easy task.  Ever attempt Elephants on the Chair?  You’ll feel your Abs for days!


Pricing - 1 Class $25, 5 Pack $120, 10 Pack $220, 20 Pack $400, 40 Pack $740, 60 Pack $1050, 75 Pack $1,200

Mat and Barre Classes

Mat Pilates - This class is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body, with the focus on core strength. Working from the “powerhouse,” this class is taught in classic form as designed by Joseph Pilates. Practiced regularly, students can expect to see noticeable improvement in posture, balance, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Ballet Barre - This Pilates inspired class will burn calories using classic Ballet movements at the Barre and on the Mat. Not only will you burn fat and calories,you will also tone and elongate your muscles, lift your booty, slim your thighs and sculpt your upper body.


Pricing - 1 Class $24, 5 Pack $110, 10 Pack $210, 20 Pack $340