Our Studio

Our studio is fully stocked with state of the art Balanced Body equipment. Balanced Body has been awarded 28 US patents. Founder and CEO, Ken Endelman, designed hundreds of improvements to Pilates’ original equipment, many of which have since become industry standards. Endelman used his background as a designer and craftsman of custom furniture in Hollywood. His experience brings us sleek and more user-friendly Pilates equipment.



Our four-in-one exercise system of Reformer, Mat Station and Tower provides a complete workout in the space of a Reformer. Additional programming options include working in multiple planes of resistance, on a mat or moving platform.




EXO Chair

The new EXO Chair has incredible options, unlike any other chair. With its attached resistance bands, you can do exercises emulating moves on the Reformer.  Additionally, the split pedal allows for reciprocal and rotational movements.



TRX Suspension Training 


This is a workout you’ll never forget!   TRX is certainly not your regular Pilates workout.  Each exercise is performed with either the hands or feet suspended in straps.  This provides for the ultimate challenge in stability and form.  Our class is geared towards challenging you, with an emphasis on form.